Sarah Hendry


painter & printmaker


Sarah Hendry is a Glasgow based artist. Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art with a BA(hons) in Fine Art, Painting and Printmaking she has been regularly exhibiting in Glasgow and Edinburgh. In addition to this, Sarah works with the Russian Cultural Centre organising exhibitions, workshops and artist’s talks. She has worked as Learning and Engagement Intern at Glasgow Print Studio. She is also in charge of make-up and wardrobe for an independent Glasgow based film and the creative director of design emporium ‘A Cat Among the Pigeons’.



March 2012: "Flesh and the Mirror", Cafe Cossachok, Trongate 103, Glasgow

October 2011: "Hysteria: a study of mental 'illness' as a form of social control" , Engramme, Meduse, Quebec City

September 2011: "Bite: Artists Making Prints", Mall Galleries, London

May 2011 - December 2011: "Born Digital", Travelling exhibition

November 2010: "City of the Yellow Devil", (currator and exhibitor) Russian Cafe/Gallery Cossachok

October 2010: "Learn from the Old...", (solo) Russian Cafe/gallery Cossachok, King Street, Glasgow

August 2010: ‘Pop Goes the Easel’, Glasgow Print Studio, Trongate 103, Glasgow

July 2010: ‘50/50’, Glasgow Print Studio, Trongate 103, Glasgow

April 2010: ‘New Contemporaries’ RSA, the Mound, Edinburgh.

November – December 2009: ‘Nuthin’ New for Trash like You’ (solo show),
Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick Street, Glasgow.

September 2009: ‘Jack Move’ GSA Mutual, South Side Studios, Westmorland Street,

July – August 2009: ‘New Generation’ Compass Gallery, West Regent Street,




September - October 2011: Engramme, Meduse, Quebec City



January 2011 - October 2011

Learning and Engagement intern, Glasgow Print Studio.

October 2005 – June 2009:

BA (Honours) Fine Art Painting and Printmaking.

Winner of the Phillip Reeves prize for printmaking.

Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow

October 2001 – March 2003:

BA Arts and Social Sciences

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow