Sarah Hendry


painter & printmaker

Artist's Statement

My work is concerned with the themes of gender and sexuality and the values that our society places on these biological/sociological agencies. I am fascinated by the concept of gender traits, behaviours and hierarchies ever present and enforced by our culture and the impact of these on our identities and selves.

I make reference to the concept of post-feminism (a state that assumes that the goals of feminism have been met, rendering feminism redundant). Many believe (or would like to believe) that we are living in a post-feminist society and as such women are free to present themselves in any way even ways that would previously have been regarded as exploitative or sexist. My work seeks to challenge these ideas to present the issues without delving into the grotesque or shocking and hopefully encourage the viewer to examine his/her opinion of the issue.

Utilising mass media imagery, photography and autographic marks I make images in digital print, screen-print, collage, monoprint, etching and collograph as well as drawing and painting.


"Fresh Meat"

 Digital print 100x110 cm 1 of 10


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